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Caroline & Lino
We are deeply honored that you are considering including our family as part of your life journey and considering us for the gift of adopting your child. We will love your child unconditionally and respect them for all that they are while honoring your courageous strength should you choose us to parent your child. We will raise your child in a home filled with laughter and hugs; summer days at the beach and barbeques with family; Christmas cookie baking and decorating; apple and pumpkin picking in the fall; and most importantly endless love and affection. While we are anxiously waiting for the call to say that we have been chosen, all great things happen to those who wait. We hope that you choose us; and we can all travel down this path together, learning about each other and providing a warm, safe and loving home for your child. Hello, our names are Caroline and Lino. Thank you for taking the time to review our profile. We are a caring, kind and loving couple from the beautiful suburbs of New York City. We love children, always dreamed about becoming parents, and are excited to become parents together. We hope our profile will give you a better idea of who we are, where we live, how we spend our time and what matters to us to help you make this important decision. We would be honored if you choose us to share the precious gift of a child.
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