Caroline & Lino

Hoping to Adopt (New York)


Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you and we wish you much strength on your decision and are thankful for your bravery! This new year brings a renewed hope and a new start. We wish the best for your baby!

Christmas Time is Here...

Christmas is here and it is time to gather and celebrate. We are grateful to be able to be with family and friends. We are carrying on traditions of baking cookies, decorating gingerbread houses and are looking forward to making new memories with your child. We hope this Christmas brings you joy and hope.

Happy Thanksgiving

We are grateful and thankful for you and your courage and strength. We will welcome your baby with love and gratitude. Today we give thanks for all we have and celebrate together with friends and family. We gather around the table and enjoy the turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing that was cooked with love. We enjoy watching the parade and participate in arts and crafts with our niece and play card games later in the day. We hope to share and make new memories with your baby. Thank you!

Autumn In New York

Autumn in New York is a special time. The air is crisp and the leaves are changing. We like to get together with our niece and extended family to look at the fall decorations and pumpkin picking. We will also go apple picking and then bake some special desserts with the apples we find. We look forward to sharing these memories with your child.

Lino's Childhood Memories Growing Up

I grew up in a loving family where everything was done as a family from the family meals to attending church services to taking vacations and celebrating and maintaining traditions. Caroline and I look forward to sharing these experiences with your child. Some favorite memories of growing up include traveling to Italy every few years to visit my maternal grandparents and maternal side of the family. During these visits, I was able to visit with my aunts, uncles, cousins and other family that I have in Italy. Although we were separated by a large physical distance, when we got together every few years, it was as if we had never been apart. We would pick up right from where we left off. Although it is easier to keep in touch these days with the internet and social media, while growing up, we were limited to phone calls; and we made that work. My parents instilled within me faith, a strong work ethic and the value of an education, all of which helped me pursue my dreams. My parents also taught me the importance of charity and helping those that are less fortunate. My grandparents and extended family lived nearby when I was growing up and I was close to them and my parents are thrilled about welcoming another grandchild. Like Caroline, food played a large part of the traditions. For example, I remember that Christmas Eve involved the seven fishes and that Easter involved Easter meat pies and sweet ricotta pies. I remember that all food was homemade all year long (and not just at the holidays), from bread to tomato sauce to pizza.

Caroline’s Childhood Memories Growing up

My childhood memories were memorable and fun and I would love to provide that for your baby. I had cousins to play with during the summer and during the school year. I have always been close to my sister Emily. We have continued to grow even closer as we aged and she is so thrilled to become a doting first time aunt. We plan to provide fun, educational activities for your child like my parents provided for me. I would go to museums and Yankees baseball games. In the summer months, my sister and I would travel with our parents to different places in the country including Florida, North Carolina, New York and Rhode Island. We would also travel to California with our grandparents to visit our grandmother’s sister and her family. We would take family trips to visit other cousins from New York, California and Florida. I was taught character, honesty, and genuine empathy towards others and these are the important qualities that I will raise your child.

What Is Important to Us

Our family and our faith are important to us. We will raise your child with an understanding of the importance of giving, loving, and taking care of one another. Family means everything to us. To be able to adopt your baby will mean the world to us. We believe in God and know that there is a reason for everything and that we are meant to adopt a child and bring love and kindness to a blessed baby.

Traditions & Celebrations

We both grew up in families that shared similar traditions and we would celebrate in similar ways. Being part of a close-knit family, we keep our traditions alive. Eating dinner together is a family tradition that we keep strong today. Going to Church on Sunday is another tradition. Board games and card games are another tradition that has provided the opportunity to engage in friendly banter and competition. We look forward to carrying these traditions forward from one generation to the next generation. For Thanksgiving, we have been going to Caroline’s sister’s house. We always seem to have a family and friends thanksgiving. The house is usually filled with our family and close friends from near and far. We get up early to get the turkey ready and always watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. In the morning we also make crafts with our niece, MaryJo and read books about Thanksgiving and after the feast we play board games and card games. For Christmas, we have been at Lino’s parent’s house. Some traditions we have include decorating the Christmas tree. It is always fun to find paper ornaments we made as children and place these up on the tree for everyone to see. We enjoy looking at older ornaments and putting up new ones. Lino’s brother David and his wife Lisa and daughter Isla and Caroline’s sister Emily and her husband Neil and daughter MaryJo have all come together to celebrate. We exchange gifts, eat food and engage in games, often playing with the games or toys that our nieces received for Christmas.

A perfect match

We met on and exchanged information and learned about each other before we had our first date. We then continued to talk on the phone and went on a few more dates before we introduced each other to our families and friends. We had similar backgrounds; family values and goals for our life; and most importantly, we had a love for each other. The strengths of our marriage are our communication, honesty, faith and love for one another. We are true partners, committed to each other and building our life together through adoption.

Caroline is...

a cheerful and caring person. I have a deep love for our family and friends. I love to cook for family and friends; and I enjoy spending time with them. I enjoy watching Yankees baseball, traveling, and volunteering at Church. I cannot wait to be an amazing mother and I cannot wait to devote my life to a child. I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. I grew up helping my mom, Jo-Anne, and grandmother (we called her Gram) cook for everyday meals and I especially enjoyed making cookies at Christmas. My sister (Emily) and I were always helping in the kitchen and today as adults we cook together when we meet up. We have been teaching my niece, MaryJo, who is six years old how to cook. She especially likes making chocolate chip cookies. We like to go to our uncle Jerry’s house in the summer since he lives by the beach. These are fun and happy times shared together. I enjoy exploring and travel and plan to travel as a family when we are blessed to adopt. In recent years, I have travelled with Lino to domestic locations such as Florida, Washington DC, and Rhode Island; and international locations such as Italy, Canada and Bermuda. I am a medical doctor and practice as a podiatrist in a medical office. This provides a really flexible schedule where I can change my schedule and take time off. I intend to take leave from work when we adopt to have time to bond and enjoy this precious gift.

Lino is...

caring, loving, and unconditionally loyal. Family and friends are important to me. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I always strive to be the best person. I have a strong work ethic; and I am not afraid of hard work. I enjoy watching sports from soccer to football to baseball; and I hope to share my love of sports with a child. I also enjoy traveling with Caroline to both locations within the United States such as Florida, Washington DC and Rhode Island, and international locations such as Italy, Canada and Bermuda. I am an attorney with a good stable career. We consider ourselves to be very fortunate that Caroline and I will both be able to take leaves of absence when we are blessed to adopt. I am going to be a very devoted dad.

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